Information Security

Information Security

How do we keep your data secure?

The key features implemented by Equipment Register to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information are listed below:

  • Certified to ISO:27001
  • All traffic between client and server is SSL encrypted
  • All data held in the EU
  • Regular and encrypted backups of the system are taken and held off site
  • No data is shared with any third-parties unless explicitly asked by you

As mentioned above, Selectamark Security Systems plc, operators of Equipment Register, are accredited to ISO:27001 which provides requirements for an Information Security Management System.

Our Information Management System includes the following:

Risk assessments 

Selectamark has identified an appropriate risk assessment methodology and developed criteria for reviewing and identifying acceptable levels of risk and measures to control risk.

Document control 

Selectamark controls documents required by the information security management system in accordance with a defined set of procedures that comply with the requirements of clause 4.2.3 of BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Record maintenance 

Selectamark maintains records in accordance with procedures that comply with the requirements of clause 4.2.4 of BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Management responsibility 

Selectamark's management is commited to running an effective information security management system which includes defining roles and responsibilities, providing adequate resources, ensuring regular internal audits are carried out and conducting reviews of the system at least once every year.

Resource management 

Selectamark shall ensure there is sufficient resources to a) operate the secure asset register in accordance with the reuqirements of LPS1224 and b) maintain the service levels stated in accordance with clause 3.2.16

Event logs 

Selectamark logs operations and events to support detection of potential breaches in information security.

Incident response 

Selectamark has established and maintains a system for identifying, reporting, investigating and responding to a) unauthorised activity b) security incidents and c) faults.

Internal audits 

Selectamark has defined and implemented procedures for conducting internal audits, recording the results of audits and maintaining records of the audits.

Corrective and preventative actions 

Selectamark has defined and implemented document procedures for implementing corrective actions to eliminate the cause of existing or previous non-conformities.


Selectamark makes regular and frequent back-ups of all information, and these are encrypted to prevent unauthorised use. Back-up copies are stored at multiple secure locations and tested regularly.

Business continuity 

Selectamark has implemented a business continuity procedure to ensure that a) it can operate the secure asset register within 24 hours of a major event/incident that affects the provision of the secure asset registration service occuring and b) minor events/incidents do not undermine its conformity with the service level defined in accordance with clause The continuity plan is tested and reviewed on a regular basis.

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